Moderated Interviews

Talk with your participants face-to-face!

Moderated usability tests are conducted by a moderator who may be accompanied by observers and note takers. It’s a team game, thanks to which a given problem can be viewed from several perspectives.

The participant performs tasks according to the scenario and the role of the moderator is to manage and deepen the problems that arise during the test by asking in-depth questions.

The whole process is observed by other people from the team to catch the tiniest details. The main goal is to find out real (not based on declarations) problems!


Much more than a standard video
conferencing tool

User roles

Including moderator, observers and participants. Each participant has a separate dedicated link to which different functionalities are assigned.


Simple interface

Easy-to-use interface allows non-tech participants join the session with just a link. Simple onboarding explain how to calibrate face and what to expect during the session. No plugin required!

Full control

The moderator has control over the entire session. They can manage participants, ask them to share a screen or open a link to the website.



The user interface is implemented in multiple languages inluding English, Polish, German and French.

Recording Preview

The entire session is recorded with automatic streaming to UX Mining cloud-based platform. No uploading, waiting, or managing files needed! In the platform, besides previewing funcionalities you can create highlights, notes and find many emotional insingts.


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