Participant Recruitment

How UX Mining recruitment services work?

At UX Mining we developed our own methodology to recruit participants fast with the best quality possible. We are leveraging for this the power of social media and automation. We have the set of right tools to automatically find and contact, via several channels, people that are a great fit for your research project.

We will not deliver participants in minutes as others promise, but we will make sure that you’ll be interviewing the right people!

Hassle-free recruiting

Top quality participants

From any country and industry! With the power of social media, we can target anyone and not limit ourselves to participants registered to given research panels.

Full process support

We support you through the entire research process. We can help with defining incentive value, screening questions, or best target personas.

Legal processing

Our service relieves you of all the legal aspects of UX research. We take full responsibility for the payment of incentives and legal aspects of those processes.

The recruitment process

Currently finding the right participants is very painful and oftentimes impossible for niche applications when not allocating much of time. Our value is that with our social media automatization algorithms we can deliver the right participants for your research in a highly automatized way.

Additionally, we take care of the formal process (data security, anonymization and processing) and incentive payments (e.g. vouchers for selected e-commerce stores) for participants'' time.


Is it required to have the UX Mining product subscription to use recruitment services?

Not at all! We can recruit for you, even if you’re using different tools for driving your research. However, if you use recruitment services jointly with the UX Mining product, you get a 15 EURs discount on your monthly payment for UX Mining product each month when you recruit!

What is the pricing for recruitment services?

Our pricing includes participants' incentives and our service fee. The price depends on the following parameters: target persona type, the format of your study, the number and complexity of screening questions, and language. The price starts from 40 EUR/participant for the most generic cases and ends at 150+ EUR/participant.
Feel free to send us your recruitment needs and we'll get back to you with the pricing offer! Contact us via mail: or book a demo.

How much time is needed to recruit?

As soon as we launch your recruitment, our algorithm starts contacting the best profiles for your study. You can get your first participants in just a few hours after the launch, however, it largely depends on the specificity of your research!

How do I start?

Feel free to send us your recruitment needs and we'll get back to you with the pricing offer! If accepted, we start the recruitment process immediately. Contact us via mail: or book a demo.

For more information or recruiting inquiries, contact us