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Understand experiences of your users beyond the mouse click!

With our toolbox you will quickly uncover valuable product insights. Analytics tells you what, but we tell you why.


Recorded Videos

Take advantage of screen share, face and voice recordings, showing how users are using your app. During the study, they are asked to comment loudly their findings, so you will deeply understand their feelings and opinions.


AI Emotion Detection

Eliminate hours of work watching full recordings, our AI will tag them with the most important moments when testers had problems with completing tasks or specific reactions were detected.


Reporting Features

For each test, you get an automatic report with aggregated statistics. You can enrich it by adding your own notes in the form of highligts. Finally, you can export it all to Excel!


UX Mining or
regular usability?

Traditional marketing or UX research are usually based on surveys, or site analytics, which involves asking customers about their experiences.

However, deriving conclusions solely on self-reported intentions cannot predict customer behavior accurately, since 95% of all decisions are made subconsciously.

So why base research purely on feedback, when you can derive quantitative data from qualitative recordings and get a full understanding of your users?

One platfrom supporting your entire team in creating better digital products

UX Professionals

Test interfaces, interaction flows, writing and more, to help you create intuitive and delightful experiences for your users.

Product Managers

Ensure youโ€™re delivering the right features and value propositions to the right customers by validating products on your target audience.

Designers and Marketers

Fine-tune landing pages, messaging, and graphics, optimise conversion rates on marketing campaigns and product launches.


How it works?

With our platform, you can create a usability test in 3 simple steps:


1. Write test scenario

Create the entire unmoderated usability scenario choosing from the tasks, yes/no, opinion scale & open questions.


2. Send the link to testers

When you finish writing the scenario, send an auto-generated link to your own group of testers, or recruit one via our platform. No plugin is required on the tester's side!


3. View Emotions

After testers finish the study, you will get recordings annotated with most important actions. This way we make sure that you donโ€™t miss anything out of it!

Drive Research the way you want!

You can perform usability study in two ways:

  1. Self Test - provide the link to your testers and they will perform the study on their own.

  2. Interview - meet with your respondents, watch their actions and ask questions in real-time thanks to our Google Meet integration.

Don't know which method to choose? Book a free Demo Meeting and our experts will find the best recommendation for your needs.

Ready to dive in?

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