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Research platform for conducting moderated in-depth interviews effectively.

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From interview to final report.
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Do you struggle with time for research and discovery? Make it simpler with UX Mining! We provide the full toolset to plan, execute and report research project. The main values include:

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UX Research qaulitative data repository
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UX Research in 3 steps

UX Mining helps research teams make usability project and report like a Pro in no-time and in a cost-effective way.

1. Interview

With dedicated video-calling platform for UX research needs and processes. Observer roles, adding live-notes, tags, joining from mobile and much more!

First step of UX Research with UX Mining which is about driving in-depth interviews via our, dedicated to research needs, videoconferencing solution.
Second step of UX Research with UX Mining which is about advanced analysis of recordings from in-depth interviews.

2. Analyze

After finished usability tests, you get HD-quality recordings, all stored and managed from one online research repository. This includes dedicated workspaces for team collaboration.

3. Report

After finding research insights share them within your team and external clients. Based on highlights, you can automatically generate rainbow spreadsheet report, and present key insights in no-time!

Third step of UX Research with UX Mining which is about exporting research report in the form of rainbow-spreadsheet format.

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Discover our unique offering of products and services, designed to cater to both teams with UX research expertise and organizations without dedicated UX research departments.

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