Discover emotions
of your users

We provide the science, the tools, and one platform to quickly set up, measure and understand true user behaviours at scale.


#1 About us

UX Mining is an analyzing tool for UX designers to determine
how users feel about the utility and visuals of a testing website.


User experience is a crucial metric for companies, that’s why differentiating what frustrates or excites clients, makes all the difference.

UX Mining uses AI algorithms that examine people’s reactions and hidden signals caught on webcam recordings from usability testing. Within the algorithms, the tool covers emotion reading systems to present analytics of users’ reactions and possible solutions for improvement.

These innovations help designers to reduce time of research with no need for viewing the entire material and manual analysis.

Deep insights
based on emotions

Our algorithms find hidden emotions that you cannot see at first glance

Easy and fast

Our extensive reporting system will help to speed up the analysis process

Central research

Keep all research recordings, reports, and notes in one online platform

#2 How it works?

With our platform you can create a usability test in 3 easy steps.

1. Create a project

At the beginning you need to prepare test scenario with tasks and send the link to participants. If you don’t have your own particpants - no worries. You can recruit them via our panel.


2. View emotions

After finished usability tests, you will get recordings annotated with the most crucial moments and emotions. This way you won't miss anything that might contribute for the development of the product.

3. Go to report

Once you have all your footage, emotions and other data you can export it. Thanks to this, you will get a report with the most important statistics and information that will help you in setting priorities.


#3 Key features

With our toolbox you will quickly uncover valuable product insights.

Emotion detection

Based on facial expression and voice sentiment analysis

Videos with highlights

Simple interface to comment video recordings and share highlights with the team

Clear report

Combining quantitative and qualitative data

Consulting service

Our experts are happy to help with in-depth emotion analysis

#4 To whom we address our solution

Our platform supports entire team in creating better digital products.

UX professionals

Test interfaces to help you create intuitive and delightful experiences for your users

Product managers

Ensure your’re delivering the right features and value by validating product on your target audience

Service providers

Get valuable data that are useful in planning a campaign to improve conversions and sales results


#5 Why choose UX Mining?

See what our customer says about us!

We have recently started using UX Mining and the results are amazing! Our product is very complicated, dedicated to Data Science professionals and so far we have not been able to analyze the recipient's reaction. Thanks to the remote UX Mining tests, we were able to invite engineers cooperating with us to analyze and improve our UX. Remotely and at any time convenient for them.

Zbigniew Łukoś
CEO at ExMetrix

We're glad to help you!

Our team offers comprehensive and professional assistance in acquiring participants, creating and conducting tests, analyzing results, reading emotions and creating recommendations.